Inofama S.A. Inofama S.A.
Inofama S.A. Inofama S.A.

Inofama S.A.

INOFAMA S.A. manufactures all kinds of steel structures and provides hot-dip galvanization services.

Since 1880 the Company has been operating in a few industrial sectors and has been well established on both domestic and foreign markets. We collaborate with a number of well-known partners. Our qualified personnel undertakes to meet customer expectations in a comprehensive and careful way.

We have a modern design office and an efficient hot-dip galvanizing plant. Our goal is to deliver top quality services in a timely manner and to ensure sustainable development in order to further improve the quality and competitive edge of our products while pursuing the status of a leading manufacturer of hot-dip galvanized metal products.

All our actions are aimed at the achievement of customer satisfaction and unrivalled quality of our products.

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