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    Chemical cleaning of steel surfaces plays an extremely important role in the hot-dip galvanizing process. Before immersion in the zinc bath, steel components should be free of grease, waxy substances and oil, which prevent the iron-zinc reaction. The degreasing stage is aimed at obtaining a chemically clean surface on which the steel-zinc alloy will be formed. The cleaning and degreasing properties of many inorganic solutions are alkaline, acidic and neutral.

Degreasing steel surfaces contributes significantly to:

  • reducing the duration of the next phase of the process (pickling)
  • reducing the degree of contamination of the pickling bath
  • reduction of costs and labor input
  • reduction of hydrochloric acid, flux and zinc consumption


    The second stage of galvanizing involves etching the surface. It allows effective removal of non-metallic substances (i.e. rust, scale and other corrosion products) formed during rolling and annealing of structural components. The most common etching method is a hydrochloric acid bath.

    In exceptional situations, when the removal of sand from cast iron components by etching in hydrochloric acid is not successful, a solution of hydrofluoric acid or a mixture of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids can be used.


    After treatment in the flux bath, the steel parts are subjected to drying at 120°C - 150°C. This is a stage that requires high precision and special care. It is important to constantly control the temperature of the system. Drying should be carried out efficiently and quickly to prevent iron etching and the formation of iron compounds that adversely affect flux processes.

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