Inofama S.A. Inofama S.A.
Inofama S.A. Inofama S.A.

History of INOFAMA S.A.


INOFAMA S.A. has been one of the largest Polish factories producing machinery and equipment for agriculture, environmental protection and construction since 1880.

The factory began its operations in 1880 under the name "Factory of Agricultural Machines and Tools, and Reperation Workshops - Glogowski" ("Fabryka Maszyn i Narzędzi Rolniczych, oraz Warsztatów Reperacyjnych - Głogowski"), and from 1885 as "Glogowski and Son" ("Głogowski i syn").

It produced agricultural equipment and machinery, and conducted retail and wholesale sales of agricultural equipment imported from abroad.

During the occupation period, i.e. 1942-1944, the factory was taken over by the "Mauser" concern, but did not change the basic profile of production.

After reconstruction from war damage, at the end of 1946, there was a merger of "Glogowski and son Agricultural Machinery Factory" (“Fabryki Maszyn Rolniczych Głogowski i syn”) with the "H.Cegielski" company.

In 1948, by order of the Minister of Industry and Trade, the plant changed its name to "Inowrocław Agricultural Equipment Factory" ("Inowrocławska Fabryka Sprzętu Rolniczego"). During this period, horse-drawn carts, coal steamers, barrels and simple household equipment were produced.

The 1960s and 1970s saw the expansion and modernization of the plant, with the construction of a modern galvanizing plant, a boiler plant, and the modification of many process lines. This allowed the plant to expand its range of manufactured products and services. Taking over the Agricultural Machinery Parts Factory in Mogilno in 1973, the factory became a multi-plant enterprise, changing its name to "Agromet - Inofama Agricultural Machinery Factory" (Fabrykę Maszyn Rolniczych Agromet - Inofama").

By the decision of the Minister of Ownership Transformations in 1991, the factory was transformed into a single-person State Treasury Company - "INOFAMA S.A."

In 2009 a decision was made to create the brand INOFAMA S.A. both on the domestic and foreign markets.

The name INOFAMA S.A. was to be associated with quality, strength and to present new technologies and products mainly focused on agriculture.

The company offered customers comprehensive solutions based on the latest trends and technological innovations.

Extensive experience gained in European markets allowed the company to promote the following products:

  • comprehensive equipment for livestock buildings such as barns, pigsties, stables
  • agricultural trailers
  • car trailers
  • construction of agricultural halls and shelters

INOFAMA S.A. is a company with more than a century of tradition, after all, its origins date back to 1880, through which it combines the work ethos of generations of employees, as well as modernity, as evidenced by its state-of-the-art machinery.

As of 2018, INOFAMA S.A. is part of the Industrial Development Agency S.A. group (ARP S.A.).

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